Some Log, Sawmill and Lumber Successes with Inventory Control
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How Some Logging, Saw mill and Lumber Companies Are Using Inventory Control Methods to Increase Profits

- from our Industry Survey -

Our Survey of the Industry Revealed Why Some Companies are Profiting

We wanted to know how companies are profiting from using Inventory Control and Tracking methods for their logs and lumber. We make Tags, Labels, Barcode Tags and Labels, and Numbered Tags and Labels. We spoke with approximately 3 dozen Log, Sawmill and Lumber mill companies to get their feedback.

We broke down what we found into 2 Sections:

Section 1. Companies Using an Inventory Control System
Section 2. Companies Manually counting their Inventory.

Section 1. Log, Sawmill and Lumber Companies Using an Inventory Control System

A Summary of the Inventory Control Methods Some Companies Are Using

Comments From 8 of the Logging, Sawmill and Lumber Companies We Interviewed

1. A Company with 150 Employees
A company with 150 employees said the Tags and Computer Software program they use to control their Inventory “...advanced the whole department” and “helps them to keep track of their inventory.” They also said that with it they are “ to get more work done with less man hours.”

Previously they used Hammer Tags and “...had to do this by hand.” They said that now it is “...a whole lot easier for the guys to put the tags on and they stay on through the whole  process.”

2. A Company Comparing Hammer Tags to Staple on Tags
A company using Tags, Scanners and a Computer Software program to keep track of their Inventory emphasized how important it is for them “ be on top of their inventory.”

Another person at this company, a Scaler with 20 years of experience, said that although a lot of people see regular Tags as more time consuming to put on than Hammer Tags, he said Hammer Tags are only “...a little more efficient in the field ....but they cost a lot more money to use.”

In the field where the logs are exposed to more difficult weather conditions, he said the Hammer Tags stay on better. (Note: Improvements in standard tags are being developed to increase their durability - like our more durable XT Film Tags).

This company uses two Tags - the 1st one to tell them when a log is sold, and the 2nd Tag stays on so that if the purchaser has a problem it can be tracked. They said that this “double Tag” gives them a very big advantage over Hammer Tags in controlling their inventory.

3. A Logging Company with 1 Location

A logging company with one location said they have an Inventory Control System with standard Tags that “....totally changed our inventory.” He said that now they “...know exactly what they have in the the yard.”

This company described their situation before and after, saying that ”...before they would go out with a wasn't real exact...” Then, after setting up the Inventory Control System, “... in 3-6 months only 8-10 logs [are off] ...and they are dealing with thousands of jobs.”

They said that “It has helped them to lower costs...“ and “Their Return on Investment has greatly improved because they can control things now.”

In the beginning they used Hammer Tags, they said, and then switched to standard Tags with numbers and a perforation. Later they further improved things by switching to Bar Code Tags that they could scan.

4. A Company with 3 Locations and Over 150 Employees
A Company with 3 locations and over 150 employees said they improved their Lumber operation from an all manual system to using an Inventory Control Software system. The result they said is that they are “able to keep better track” - thus improving profitability.

5. A Logging and Lumber Company with 2 Locations and 40 Employees

Another Logging and Lumber company with 2 locations and 40 employees uses Tags and a Computer Software System to track their Inventory for both their Logging and Lumber operations. They said they were able to achieve “Improved production.”

6. Another Company with an Inventory Control System
One company who uses Bar code Tags, Scanners and a Computer Software program to Control Inventory, said it has given them better “ease and tracking ability and Inventory control.”

7. A Company with 2 Sawmills
A company with 2 Sawmills using the Hammer Tag Inventory Control System said that they found the cost to be “much more expensive” than the more conventional (Staple on Tags) method.

8. A Company Selling in the U.S. And Overseas
A company selling both in the U.S. and overseas uses Tags, Scanners and a Computer Software System to control Inventory. They described their pioneering successes with a new “picture tally” system which they called “a great advantage for them.” They said It gives them “an accurate and real image of exactly what a company was shipped”.....and also an added advantage with their Bar coded Tags.
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