Inventory Control Boosts Profits for Log, Sawmill, Lumber Companies
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A Survey of Inventory Control Methods That Logging, Sawmill and Lumber Companies Are Using to Improve Their Profits

- from our Industry Survey -

Learn How to Use the Methods We Found to Help Increase Your Profits

Increasing profits is always important – but just how to do it isn't always so obvious.
Our Logging, Sawmill and Lumber mill customers have been telling us for years that they have so many things to keep track of that even the easy-to-do good ideas can suffer from lack of attention. It's true - “there's only so much time in the day.”

We've also seen that a lot of times it's not easy for a company to decide which good idea will work best for them. And many companies who have found an idea that will improve  profitability – well, they still have the old challenge of putting it into practice!

That's why we decided to help companies get more profits by calling dozens of Logging, Sawmill and Lumber companies to hear their own proven ideas. We set out to collect and share the very best ideas from the people at these companies – the ideas that people in charge are using to increase their own profits.

We Surveyed the Inventory Control Methods of Small, Medium and Large Logging, Saw mill and Lumber Companies

So, we spent a few months calling these people and having some lengthy conversations. And we made sure to speak with all sizes of companies – so that we'd get the ideas that wouldwork for everyone.

We talked with small companies with only a few people, medium sized companies with a few locations and also some very large companies, with locations spread across the U.S. and Canada.

You can be sure that we heard some very interesting things – and inside tips - from these approximately 3 dozen companies. Some of them have quite a long history in the business. We had quite a few long conversations, many with owners of these companies. At other times we talked with a person who was making important decisions, the ones that effect the profits of their company.

Most people were very helpful and took the time to share ideas that were valuable to their company's profits. And yes, many of the people we talked with clearly impressed us with their knowledge of the business.

How Our Survey Was Able to Gather the Inventory Control Methods That Are Improving Profitability and Reducing Costs

We took a very open approach to this, and we listened to all the ideas, once for an hour. Because we've surveyed companies before, we knew that if you really want to find out what is needed – ask a company working within that industry. And - if you really want to know what's working – what's helping to generate real profits – ask those same companies.

We've talked with companies all across the country – to the new ones, to the companies that are seasoned, and to some of the biggest, most successful ones. We've always been open to new ideas - it's one of the ways we built our company, so it was easy for us to ask.....and then just listen.Some companies, including their top management, were very willing to help by telling us ideas that may advance the industry. And, because they knew that we'd be gathering ideas from other companies, and promised to share them anonymously with everyone, they knew that they'd likely benefit as well.

Our Company President's Focus on the Forestry Industry

The interest in surveying the industry comes from the President of our company, Paul
Mandeville. Paul majored in Forestry at the University of Massachusetts, worked in the field helping with forestry management in Idaho, and “grew up” working in the family business.

So, Logging, Lumber and Sawmills have been an important focus of our company because of Paul's interest. We're dedicated to testing and developing better methods for making Tag and Label products for Logging, Saw mill and Lumber mill companies.

We surveyed the industry to understand and stay ahead of its needs - and develop the best Inventory Control and Tracking tools to serve it.

Some Companies Who Rely on Us

We've been a regular supplier to many Logging, Sawmill and Lumber companies. We've also been a reliable Tag and Label supplier to Weyerhauser, Conagra, Continental Airlines, and many other large U.S. companies. We serve many other medium sized and small companies as well.

Ideas That Are Improving Profitability for Many Companies – How They Can Help You

We took all of the survey results – from dozens of large, medium and small companies in the US and Canada – and broke them down into two easy-to-read sections. There's a special Section just for Large Companies as well. You can go right to them by clicking on the links below or in the left hand column.

Section 1. Companies Using an Inventory Control System (Click Here)

Section 2. Companies Using a Manual Inventory Control System Including Those Who Have Not Used Tags or Labels (Click Here)

By going to the section that applies to your company - you can quickly see which ideas apply to you. And, if you're looking for ideas to improve your company's profitability now, you'll want to look in other sections as well.
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