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10mil XT Film Specifications

Use XT When Tear Resistance Matters.

XT is our most durable, UV resistant grade of synthetic paper. XT offers you the printing performance of fine offset paper, but with the extra tear strength and weather resistance that your most demanding outdoor applications require.

Advantages of Using XT

• Extreme tear resistance.
• High scuff resistance.
• Single layered substrate.
• May be sewn or grommetted.
• Excellent for lamination applications.
• U.V. resistance up to 1 year outdoors.
• Temperature resistance from - 60 up to 250 F.
• 93% brightness and high opacity for sharp color resolution.
• Economically priced against leading competitors.

Suitable Commercial Printing Methods

• Flexography • Offset Lithography • Rotary Letterpress
• Rotary Gravure • Thermal Transfer • Screen

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